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51 Gifts that Get People Outside | 2022 Outdoor Gift Guide

51 of the best outdoor gifts

Looking for the perfect outdoor gifts for the adventure lovers in your life? 

As an
adventure lover (and lover of gift-giving) myself, I know that the best gift is more time spent outside. When I created this outdoor gift guide, I was very intentional in picking gifts that are sure to make your loved ones happier, more comfortable, and safer when spending time outside. 

This guide features 51 of the best outdoor gifts in 2022 and is broken into multiple sections: best outdoor gifts under $25, outdoor gifts for him, outdoor gifts for her, outdoorsy gifts for them, gifts for campers, gifts for hikers, and outdoor gifts for family members.

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Hey! I wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links! By purchasing through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!


Best outdoor gifts under $25

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a small gift for a friend, or a white elephant gift, here are some outdoor goodies that are useful and fun! 

Kula Cloth Review | Camping Hygiene for Women

REI Co-op Graphic Camp Mug - $20

This cute $20 camping mug from REI Co-op is one of my favorite outdoor gifts to give! 

It keeps your cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot and it’s built tough to kick around camp for years to come! It’s the perfect size for a cup of coffee or wine and the lid seals nicely so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

BANDITS Deep in Nature Organic Cotton Bandana - $21

Hiking bandana under $25 hiking gift for her

Bandanas have dozens of uses when spending time in nature, they come in so many fun designs, and they are such a fun gift to get! These BANDITS bandanas are ultra-soft and made of sustainably sourced organic cotton. 

Each BANDITS style was created by artists with a passion for protecting the natural world and the company donates 10% of sales of this specific bandana to Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, a charity chosen by the artist, with a mission-driven by environmental stewardship.

Darn Tough Micro Crew Socks - $23

I truly believe no outdoor lover can have too many pairs of socks… especially when they are Darn Tough socks

Darn Tough socks are made of merino wool, which wicks away moisture and breathes to regulate temperature. Always comfortable and made in the USA, Darn Tough socks have a lifetime warranty and lots of fun patterns to choose from! 

I hope I get a new pair of Darn Tough hiking socks in my stocking this year!

goodr Circle Gs Polarized Sunglasses - $25

I bought these $25 Goodr polarized sunglasses for my husband last Christmas and it’s been one of the best outdoor gifts I’ve given because he wears them every day! 

These sunglasses stay in place when running or hiking and the lenses offer 100% UV400 protection that blocks those harmful UVA and UVB rays. With lots of colors to choose from and at only $25, this is a great outdoor gift for anyone in your life!

Kula Cloth Reusable Antimicrobial Pee Cloth - $20

One of my favorite products and pieces of gear for outdoor adventures is my Kula Cloth pee cloth!

Made for people who squat when they pee, Kula Cloth reduces the amount of toilet paper going into (and often being left in) nature and eliminates the ‘drip dry’ method. I wrote a whole review on the Kula Cloth – click here to read it!

Kinfield Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent - $22

There’s nothing worse than being attacked by mosquitos when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors! Golden Hour mosquito repellant from Kinfield would make a great outdoor gift because it’s natural and actually works! 

This first-of-its-kind formula repels mosquitos with a unique strain of Indonesian citronella that’s super effective and smells good (citrus with vanilla)! If you’d like a more portable option (thinking of backpackers), check out
Golden Hour in wipe form

If you want to save some money on your Kinfield order, use code JACEY15 at checkout!


Gifts for outdoor men

If the outdoorsy men in your life are anything like the outdoorsy men in mine, they probably aren’t buying themself nice things… that doesn’t mean you can’t! Here are some of my (and my husband’s) favorite outdoor gifts for men. 

best gifts for outdoor men in 2022
Dom wearing his Coalatree Trailhead Pants in brown.

Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear - $20

My outdoorsy husband, Dom, is always reaching for his Buff for mountain bike rides, hikes, and mowing the lawn! It can be worn climber style or as a bandana, helmet liner, headband, facemask, or scarf! Bonus points for UPF 50 fabric that protects against harmful UV rays! 

Patagonia P-6 Label Trad Cap - $39

I file this hat from Patagonia under the category of “things he will love but never buy himself” haha


The Patagonia P-6 Label Trad Cap has an unstructured low-crown that looks great on everyone! The brim is made of recycled fishing nets and the main body is made of 100% organic cotton that is super soft and breathable. This is a favorite of my husband, Dom! 

Fanny pack - $35 - $50

Listen – fanny packs are super useful. If the outdoorsy men in your life need some convincing when it comes to the fanny pack, they just don’t know how functional and versatile it is! They are smaller and less conspicuous than a backpack and can carry all their necessities when hiking, biking, and running around town. It can be worn around the waist, like a sling, tote bag, or slung over a bike’s handlebars. 


I like the REI Co-op Trail 5 Waist Pack ($50) for more storage on adventures, and the Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack ($35) for the basic necessities.

REI Co-op Sahara Shade Hoodie - $50

A protective sun shirt is a great gift for the outdoorsy men in your life who can’t be bothered to reapply sunscreen! The REI Co-op Sahara Shade Hoodie has a tech-tee-like knit that is super soft, wicks moisture, and provides shade on the trail. This is another favorite of my husband, Dom! 

REI Co-op Wallace Lake Flannel Shirt - $75

A protective sun shirt is a great gift for the outdoorsy men in your life who can’t be bothered to reapply sunscreen! The REI Co-op Sahara Shade Hoodie has a tech-tee-like knit that is super soft, wicks moisture, and provides shade on the trail. This is another favorite of my husband, Dom! 

Coalatree Trailhead Pants $89

The Trailhead Pants from Coalatree are the best all-around pants for the outdoorsy men in your life. They are breathable, flexible, water + wind resistant, and stylish! Between the two of us, my husband and I have all the colors because we love them that much!

Oh – did I mention they are unisex? And that they have pockets big enough to fit a whole hydro flask? These truly are the perfect gift for men who love to hike, camp, climb, bike, and look good while doing it! 

Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullover - $129

Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip Fleece Pullovers are my favorite luxury gift for outdoorsy men. Worn as a nice middle layer for cold-weather hiking or as a warm date-night shirt, you can’t go wrong with this outdoorsy gift. It’s super soft on the inside and has a sweater-knit outer face that comes in lots of beautiful colors! This is another favorite of my husband, Dom! 

Gifts for outdoor women

Here are my favorite gifts for outdoor women who hike, camp, and love spending time in nature. 

camping at and near saguaro national park

Kinfield lip balm - $16

The outdoorsy women in your life can say goodbye to chapped lips with the Lip Rescue Balm from Kinfield! This balm is super thick and keeps lips hydrated for hours. It helps prevent future windburn and chapping, making it a day-bag essential! It has a minty feeling that lightly tingles and smells sooo good. 


Use code JACEY15 for 15% off!

Sunday Afternoons Islander Hat - $48

The Sunday Afternoons Islander Hat is my most worn outdoor hat of the year! Not only is it beautifully made, but it also has a UPF 50+ sun rating to provide shade on the trail or beach. It looks great on everyone and is sturdy enough to withstand any adventure. 

REI Co-op Trailsmith Fleece Pullover - $80

Inspired by the 1990’s and made with recycled material, the REI Co-op Trailsmith Fleece Pullover makes a great, practical gift for all the outdoorsy women in your life! It’s perfect for layering on the trail and has great zippered pockets. This is one of my personal favorites that I look forward to wearing all winter! 

Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons - $80

The Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons were my favorite outdoorsy gift from last year! They keep my feet toasty warm when I am inside or outside! They are comfy, and durable, and make an excellent camping shoe. They are great to slip on after you go skiing or hiking, and would make a great outdoor gift for vanlifers! 

Vuori Performance Jogger Pants - $94

The Vuori Performance Jogger Pants are my absolute favorite casual pants as an outdoorsy woman. The fabric is extremely soft and has held up well after dozens of washes. These will be your outdoorsy woman’s new to-go pants for lounging around the house, on road trips, on long flights, and getting comfy after a long day of hiking adventures! 

HOKA Clifton 8 Road-Running Shoes - $140

If more “hot girl walks” (or runs) are on your outdoorsy woman’s list of goals for the new year, support their efforts of spending more time outside with the ultra-comfortable HOKA Clifton 8 Road-Running Shoes! These ultralight shoes provide excellent support on long runs, walks, and everyday wear!

Outdoor Gifts for them

If you’re not really sure what they’ll like, here are some versatile and fun outdoor gifts for every outdoor lover! 

outdoor gifts for them in 2022

National Parks Candle - $26

Not only are these candles from Good & Well Supply Co an amazing memento from an adventure, but they also give back to public lands through donations to the National Park Foundation! 


Good & Well Supply Co is a candle company that makes National Park-inspired candles that are ethical, sustainable, and made in small batches in Seattle, WA, USA. 


I have the Zion National Parks Candle (that smells like desert lavender and sage) and the Grand Canyon National Park Incense Cones (cedarwood, labdanum & charred pine), and love them both! 

Rainbow Suncatcher Sticker Pack - $20

This little $20 sticker pack is one of my favorite outdoorsy gifts because it brings the outside in! These little stickers bring so much joy into your home! I personally have them all over my house and am constantly gifting them to my loved ones!

This specific sticker pack comes with four different window stickers and when hit with direct sunlight, they project rainbows into your home. 

Embroidered National Parks sweatshirt - $70

An amazing outdoor gift for any nature-lover in your life is an embroidered sweatshirt representing their favorite National Park! 


I discovered Madi Stitches, a small business owner, on TikTok and love my Yosemite National Park sweatshirt that was created by her! She has several National Parks sweatshirts, including Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, and Mt Rainier National Park! 

Custom Color Portrai Me - Starting at $79

One of the best gifts I’ve ever given was a custom color Portai Me that illustrated all the amazing adventures my husband and I have been on! Each piece is unique and specifically made for you! For example, I included Half Dome, our yellow tent, our hiking boots, and a couple of other things from our first year of marriage. 

All Portrai Me drawings are made by hand with ink and gouache paint on fine art paper that looks amazing framed! This is a unique gift that will bring joy for years and years to come. 

REI Co-op Pack-Away 45 Tote - $80

One of the best outdoorsy gifts that I’ve ever received was a giant tote bag like this one (thanks, Mom!). It has held our camping food, beach gear, picnic essentials, and all those miscellaneous items that you need on road trips!  

Soft Pack Cooler - $119

If you need a practical gift for the adventurous people in your life that are always on the go, consider this Soft Pack Cooler from RTIC


I’ve had the 30-can version for over a year and it’s already had a ton of use. I’ve used it as the ‘drink cooler’ on longer camping trips, have used it for day trips, and reach for it when I’m headed on an overnight camping trip and don’t need to keep too much food on ice. 

Gregory Packs Alpaca 60 Duffel - $140

I absolutely love the versatile Gregory Packs Alpaca 60 Duffel for camping! It can be carried as a duffel or worn as a backpack with removable straps. It’s made with rugged waterproof ripstop fabric that can withstand all camping adventures! 


Use code JACEY15 to save 15%! 

Blundstone Classic 550 Chelsea Boots $219

The Blundstone Classic 550 Chelsea boots are the best gift for every outdoor lover! These boots can be dressed up, or worn on the trail or around the campsite. They are comfortable and durable – this is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. 

Gifts for Campers

Here are my favorite gifts that are handy for campers to have around campsite! 

best gift for campers in 2022

Black Diamond Cosmo 350 Headlamp - $35

If I’ve learned anything as a camper it’s the importance of a headlamp! 


A good headlamp is a camping essential so that’s why it makes my list of the best outdoorsy gifts! This particular model from Black Diamond is less than $40, very bright, has a red light setting and is durable!

REI Co-op Shower Roll - $40

Before I had this Shower Roll from REI, my camping toiletries were all over the place. Now, I actually look forward to packing my toiletries because they all fit and stay perfectly organized in the three separate pockets! 


I love a lot of things about this bag but two of my favorites are the integrated mirror and the innovative hook design that allows you to hang the bag from anywhere (hook, tree branch, car rack, etc.) when you are getting ready. If you want a full review of this awesome outdoorsy gift idea, click here


I recommend getting the larger size because you can always zip the bottom section off of the bag if it’s not in use.

MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Charger - $50

The MPPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights are practical and aesthetic – making them a perfect gift for campers! Powered by the sun, they can be used to brighten up a campsite or tent and the USB port allows you to charge mobile devices. 


These lights are sturdy, offer a soft glow, and are easy to put away when you’re done with them. 

Classic Lawn Chair - $90

I don’t think enough people talk about how important a comfortable camping chair is. Think about it – when you spend all day exploring nature and then come back to rest and hang out around a campfire, you don’t want to be in a chair that hurts your back! 

This Classic Lawn Chair from REI Co-op is one of those chairs you
want to sit in around a campfire for hours. This is the most comfortable lawn chair I have ever sat in and it’s extremely cute! 

The chair is easy to set up, can be worn as a backpack and was built to last many camping trips. 

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket - $99+

I don’t go camping without my Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket! This blanket will make my outdoor gift guide every single year because it is one of those things that make spending time outside even better! I personally use mine in place of a sleeping bag and love to curl up with it in my camp chair and hammock. 


A bonus feature of this blanket is it can be worn as a cape so you can stay cozy and hands-free while bopping around camp. There are lots of beautiful patterns to choose from – any would make the perfect outdoor gift for a camper. 

REI Co-op Pack-Away Bin - $109+

The REI Co-op Pack-Away Bin is a great outdoor gift for campers that love to stay organized! The fabric is durable enough to stand on it’s own but flexible enough to be stuffed full of camping gear. It’s waterproof, can be collapsed for storage, and makes packing and unpacking camp easier! 

Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad - $329

If you really love the campers in your life, you’ll get them this sleeping pad from Exped.


I’m joking, I’m joking! (Kind of haha)


This sleeping pad is the best of the best. It’s extremely comfortable, warm, easy to set up and pack away, and is designed for tent and car camping! 

Gifts for hikers

With day hikes and multi-day treks in mind, here are some of the best outdoor gifts for the hikers in your life. 

Best gifts for women hikers

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Spray - $47

Whether the hiker in your life is hiking in bear country or on an urban trail in the city, bear spray is a great hiking safety tool that would make an amazing outdoor gift. 


The instructions for use are straightforward, making the bear spray easy to use. This is one of those items that gift the peace of mind.

REI Co-op Sahara Solid Long-Sleeve Shirt - $65

The REI Co-op Sahara Solid Long-Sleeve Shirt checks allll of my boxes for the perfect hiking shirt! Used for backpacking and day hikes alike, the fabric is cool to the touch, has UPF 50 sun protection, and it packs small, and dries fast.

America the Beautiful Pass - $80

Gifting an America the Beautiful Pass is gifting a full year’s worth of National Park hiking adventures! Good for a year’s worth of visits, the annual America the Beautiful Pass is the ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country, including all our national parks. 


It’s about $25-$30 to enter a National park so if you visit at least 3 parks within a year, the pass pays for itself! 

Gregory Nano 18 - $80

The Gregory Nano 18 is a great gift for new hikers and general outdoor enthusiasts alike! Perfect for a day hike, music festival, or busy weekend, his backpack comes with a 3-liter water bladder and has enough room to fit all the essentials. 

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue 8 x 25 Waterproof Binoculars - $95

Designed to toss in a backpack, the Nocs Provisions Standard Issue binoculars are lightweight, rugged, and a great gift for any hikers that want to get even more views out of their hike! 

Want more hiking gifts? Check out 21 of the best hiking gifts in 2022. 

Gifts for Outdoorsy Family Members

Here are some of my favorite outdoorsy gifts for everyone in your family, including parents, teens, and pets! 

best gift for outdoor family members pets dog hiking leash from Ruffwear

Gifts for outdoorsy parents

Lantern Press Explore Our National Parks Puzzle - $30

For those outdoorsy parents that only want quality time for the holidays, get them a 1,000 Piece National Parks Puzzle! Puzzles are great for family bonding and this particular one from Lantern Press can spark some good conversations about national parks adventures! 

GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker Chair - $65

The GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker Chair is a sturdy well-made chair that is lightweight and the perfect height for your outdoorsy parent to stretch their legs. The rocking is comfortable and it has an integrated carrying handle so there’s no more struggling to get it back in a tiny carrying bag. I got this chair for my dad for Christmas and he loves it! 

Gifts for outdoor Teens

REI Co-op Nalgene - $16

Gifting a Nalgene bottle to outdoorsy teens encourages them to ditch single-use plastic and stay hydrated! Nalgene bottles are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free. Plus, they are super durable and come in lots of fun prints. 

Burton Recycled DND Beanie - Package of 3

This three-pack of Burton Beanies makes a perfect gift for an outdoorsy teen because they go with everything! They can be used for any cold-weather outdoor activity from camping to hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or hanging out by the campfire. 

REI Co-op Flash 18 Pack - $40

The REI Co-op Flash 18 Pack is an amazing gift for outdoorsy teens who are just starting to get into hiking and camping! This pack is simple, functional, and roomy enough to hold all the essentials. It can fit a hydration bladder and comes in lots of fun colors. 

Gifts for outdoor Kids

REI Co-op Trailsmith Fleece Jacket - $55

The REI Co-op Trailsmith Fleece Jacket is an outdoorsy gift that is sure to help kids stay outside longer! The fabric is super cozy and makes for a great mid-layer for cold-weather adventures. 

REI Co-op Tarn 18 Pack - $45

The REI Co-op Tarn 18 backpack for kids is great for school supplies and outdoor adventures! It comes in one size and is sized to fit kids 8 to 12 years old. It’s water-repellant and has lots of pockets for treasures and essentials. 

Outdoor gifts for pets

Ruffwear Pack Out Bag - $35

The Ruffwear Pack Out Bag is a great outdoorsy pet gift for every dog owner! It’s a convenient solution for carrying a full pickup bag – it can be worn around a waist or attached to a pack. The best part is this outdoorsy gift for pets reduces the amount of litter left in nature! 

Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Leash - $60

The Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Leash is an adjustable-length leash and hitching system that allows the wearer to adventure with their dog hands-free! When not being used as a handheld leash or waist belt leash, it can be wrapped around a tree or post to keep your adventure buddy secured! 

Tiny Tents Tiny Tent - $25

Don’t tell my cat, Kelso, but this is what he’s getting for Christmas! 


The Tiny Tents Tiny Tent is for the kitties, bunnies, and all other tiny pets that want to experience a camping adventure! It’s made with all the features and functions of a standard-size tent and makes the perfect place for a cat nap. 

Looking for more outdoor gifts?

Give an REI Gift Card!

This guide has 51 of the best outdoor gifts for women, men, campers, hikers and family members but if you’re not sure about a size or would rather leave the choice up to them, consider gifting a REI gift card!

Check out my other outdoorsy gift guides

I hope this list of the best outdoor gifts for hikers, campers and adventure lovers helps simplify your shopping so you can get off your computer and spend more time outside! 

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