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I’m here to inspire you to get outside!

Whether you’re on a mission to find the best outdoor gear or seeking expert adventure advice, I am here to inspire and empower you to embrace the great outdoors.

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Pinch me! Being able to combine two of my passions – spending time outside and intentional, strategic marketing – and call it a job feels like a dream come true. But while these interests might seem to compete for our time and energy, I believe they have the power to compliment each other in a way that promotes inclusivity and helps others experience our big beautiful planet.

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outdoorsy outfits

outdoorsy outfits

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Ever wondered what gear, creator tools, or songs I swear by? Check out my curated collection of favorites for every occasion – whether you’re prepping for a long hike or getting ready to batch content, there’s something here I know you’ll love. 


Grab my latest resource created with adventurers like you in mind. Gearing up for your next big adventure? My updated camping packing checklist simplifies your camping prep and includes a closer look at the gear I love (and why)! 

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