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My 2021 Adventure Resolutions

Practical Outdoorsy Girl Gift Guide 2020
Practical Outdoorsy Girl Gift Guide 2020

Everyone knows about new year’s resolutions (collective groan lol). But if you are reading this blog, you are probably like me and love setting goals for the new year! However, this year I wanted to try something different… I am setting some 2021 adventure resolutions! 

Spending time in nature is very important to me, my mental and physical health, and my big-picture goals for life. While I still plan on setting some traditional new year’s resolutions that will benefit my personal and professional life, setting some adventure resolutions is a way for me to be mindful about how I spend my time in this new year. 

Adventure resolutions are meant to be fun and get me excited about all the ways I can spend time outside in the new year! 


This blog will detail some of my 2021 Adventure Resolutions – I hope you are able to get some inspiration from them and can plan some trips of your own!

I’m Jacey, a 27-year-old photographer and adventure seeker. I hope when you read about my travels you are inspired to go have an adventure of your own.

My 2021 Adventure Resolutions

1. Hike every Week

This is an easy 2021 resolution for me because I already do this! After I started working from home when COVID hit, I found that I had a lot more free time before and after work so I started hiking on a trail in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. I average about 8 miles a week on my favorite trail and it has been a game-changer in my mental and physical health.

2. Explore my state parks

We were gifted an Arizona State Parks gift card for Christmas and we are so excited to use it! There are 15 State Parks that have campsites and they all look amazing. I just booked our first camping trip to Catalina State Park in early March. I’m trying to decide which park to book a at campsite next… any suggestions? I will be sure to write about our trips, so be sure to check back!


I love backpacking and always want to go more often! Now that I have all the gear (read about the backpacking gear you didn’t know you needed here) I don’t have any excuses but to go! There are several backpacking trails I have my eye on and there are a couple I would like to revisit, like this awesome trail in the Superstitions.

My 2021 Adventure Resolutions
My 2021 Adventure Resolutions

4. Visit a new National Park

I’ve been to 6 National Parks and absolutely love them! I love them so much, we took our honeymoon in Yosemite National Park (read about it here). There’s just something so magical about National Parks – the fact that they are solely dedicated to preserving some of our country’s most beautiful natural wonders. And that we get to play in them!

In 2020 we planned and cancelled a trip to Zion National Park so I hope that we get to re-book that adventure this year!

My 2021 New Year's Adventure Resolutions
My 2021 Adventure Resolutions
My 2021 Adventure Resolutions

5. Put 100+ miles on my bike

At the beginning of 2020, I purchased my first road bike! Found on OfferUp, my 80’s Fuji is lightweight, speedy and very aesthetically pleasing. 

While I’ve done several rides on the Phoenix canals, we recently acquired a bike rack so we can take our bikes to explore new trails. I don’t think accomplishing my 2021 adventure resolution of riding over 100 miles on my bike will be a problem! 

6. Kayak somewhere new

A couple of years ago, my parents gave me their old kayaks and we have put them to good use! In 2020 we mainly stuck to floating down the Arizona Salt River but this year, I want to venture to somewhere new! If you’re interested in my favorite kayaking day trips from Phoenix, check out this blog post I wrote!

My 2021 New Year's Adventure Resolutions

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 2021 adventure resolutions! I will be sure to write about all the resolutions I accomplished so be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get updated when I post.

Now tell me – did you make any 2021 adventure resolutions? I would love to hear about them (maybe I’ll add them to my list)!

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Jacey West

My mission is simple: Inspire you to get outside. I like camping, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, and exploring National Parks. I’m passionate about sharing all the details of my adventure so you can plan some of your own!

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