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Snow in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix desert dusted with snow 2021
Snow in Phoenix, Arizona

January 25, 2021, was a magical day – it snowed in Phoenix, Arizona! Okay… some people are saying it’s just hail but I disagree. It stuck to the ground so I’m saying it’s snow!

I was working from home when the storm started and I started leaking out in the best way possible. 😅 I was running in and out of the house and jumping up and down with excitement. I have lived in Arizona my entire life and have never seen snow in Phoenix!!!

Even though I was working, I couldn’t miss this once-in-my-lifetime experience. My boss was very kind and let me take some time off for the impromptu “snow day”. I quickly grabbed my camera (luckily it was charged), the only hooded coat I own, kissed my husband goodbye (he had to keep working lol), and carefully drove to the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

And let me tell you… the experience did not disappoint!!!

Snow in Phoenix, Arizona
Snow in Phoenix, Arizona

It’s been a dry year in Arizona so while getting some rain was nice, snow was more than I could have ever asked for.

The usually dry and barren trails were lightly dusted with snow and there wasn’t a soul in the mountains. Even though I had just arrived, the light snow was quickly melting, creating rivers that ran down the trail. With the smell of creosote in the air, the sound fo the bubbling rivers and the birds out to play, the desert was absolutely enchanting.

Cactus in Phoenix, Arizona covered in snow
Phoenix Mountains Preserve snow
Phoenix desert dusted with snow 2021
Phoenix Mountains Preserve Snow
Phoenix Mountains Preserve snow
phoenix, arizona snow 2021

I’m so happy the desert FINALLY got some rain. Not only did the plants and animals desperately need it, I feel all of us did.

Does January snow bring spring wildflowers? I sure hope so!

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