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Stop Wasting Your Video Content: How To Repurpose

I started repurposing my social media video content when I learned that the Instagram algorithm has a 48-hour lifespan … meaning all the hard work you put into creating content expires in just two days! 


Creating high-quality video content for social media takes a ton of time and effort! From brainstorming ideas to prepping, filming, and editing, a 15-second clip could easily take hours to produce. 


And what happens after you post it on Instagram? It often gets lost in the algorithm and only reaches a fraction of your audience. 🫠


That’s where repurposing comes in. 


By repurposing your video content, you can extend its lifespan, reach new audiences, and maximize your return on investment. Keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits of repurposing video content and for tips and examples to help you get started.

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How To Repurpose Your Video Content

When I talk about repurposing video content, I’m not just talking about posting it on different platforms. In addition to cross-posting (for example, sharing on Instagram and TikTok), I want to encourage you to use footage you already have to make new videos


Repurposing can help you save time and money by using existing footage and adapting it for different purposes without having to start from scratch every time. 


For example, below are two Reels I’ve shared using the same footage. When I shared the original packing video, I got several comments about the contact case hack, which prompted me to use the existing footage I already had. 

Below is another example of using video content you already have and adapting them for different purposes. 


I used “b-roll” footage for both videos to create how-to or listicle-style videos. 

Where To Repurpose Your Video Content

Before we dive in, I want to note that the easiest way to repurpose your video content is to edit it outside of Instagram or TikTok. By editing in third-party software like Splice or CapCut, you can save a version of your video without an app’s watermark. Plus, editing in third-party software allows you to customize your video content for each individual platform. 


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Now that you know about the importance of editing in a third-party app, let’s talk about platforms to consider repurposing your video content to. 


Note – places you should consider posting. I firmly believe that you do not need to be on every platform. Your business should not post on every platform. 


When considering where you should repurpose your video content, consider your audience. Are they older? They might be on Facebook. Younger? TikTok and YouTube. 

Think of where your target audience is most active and pick 2-3 of the following platforms:


In an ideal world, you post all your videos on both Instagram and TikTok. I have been doing this for over a year and am still surprised how a video can flop on one platform yet go viral on another! 


Tip: Instead of adding on-screen text when you’re editing your video, add text when you upload to Instagram/TikTok. Doing this takes a little extra work, but using in-app fonts makes the content feel more organic (instead of using a random font that Instagram doesn’t have).


Below is an example of how I posted the same video on TikTok and Instagram using the in-app fonts to add text.

@jaceywest I will be putting my phone in every flower bush i pass this spring 🌼🤳🏼 🌼 After setting the .5 lens on your iphone, put it in your flower bush and press the top volume button to release the shutter! #iphonephotographytricks #iphonephotography #point5pics #hikingphotography #hikingoutfit #granolagirl ♬ It's Called: Freefall (Rainbow Kitten Surprise) [Sped Up Version] - sped up nightcore

Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest Idea Pins are the latest craze on Pinterest because it allows you to share short-form video content. I’ve been consistently posting my videos as Idea Pins for over 6 months and in that time, have had 9.57 million impressions!

Tip: Write your captions using Pinterest SEO! Simply search for keywords that are related to your video and let Pinterest auto-populate to tell you what people are searching for. Below are a couple of examples of how I repurposed my video content to go viral on Pinterest. 

YouTube Shorts

YouTube recently added YouTube Shorts to its platform, giving creators another place to share vertical, short-form video content.


While creators can’t be monetized from YouTube Shorts, I believe it’s still worth uploading your video content to Shorts to start building a following on the platform. That way, if you do decide to create long-form videos, you’ll already have an audience.


The biggest downside to YouTube Shorts is they can only be uploaded to the platform via the mobile app. 


I personally don’t plan on becoming a YouTuber anytime soon. Still, thanks to repurposing 44 of my videos as YouTube Shorts, I’ve gained 444 subscribers without doing too much extra work! 

Email Newsletter

I could go on and on about the importance of having a newsletter and collecting email addresses from your audience, but that’s a post for another day. 


If you have a newsletter that you consistently send out, try adding links to your top-performing videos in your content. Not only does this get extra eyes on your videos, but it also drives traffic to your social media page. 


Here’s an example of how I repurpose my video content in newsletters: 

Media Kit

I love including my top-performing Reels in my influencer media kit so brands can actually see the content I create! 


In the example below, I created a brand pitch in Canva, hyperlinked the Reels, and downloaded the document as a PDF so it is clickable. 

Tips for Successful Repurposing

I’m not going to lie to you – repurposing takes extra work. But once you find a flow that works for you, you’ll become more consistent on other platforms and can see them grow!


Here are some tips to help you repurpose your video content:

    1. Batch the work. I personally repost my video content to Pinterest and YouTube Shorts every other week or just once a month. By that time, I have about a dozen videos to schedule at a time. 
    2. Less consumption, more creation. Instead of scrolling on TikTok or Instagram, I like to spend my time creating Idea Pins and YouTube Shorts. I usually do this when I’m watching TV or just hanging out around the house.
    3. Get creative with repurposing! Sharing your Reels and TikToks to other platforms like Pinterest and YouTube gives you the chance to get creative. This is an opportunity to add new elements, such as music, text, and animations, or create new versions, such as behind-the-scenes footage, blooper reels, or highlights.
    4. Repurpose with a purpose. Repurposing should not be done just for the sake of it. Have a clear goal in mind for each repurposed piece, such as increasing engagement, driving traffic, or promoting a product or service.
    5. Track and analyze your results. As with any marketing strategy, tracking and analyzing your repurposing efforts is important to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Final Thoughts On Repurposing Video Content

In a world where attention spans are getting shorter, and competition for social media engagement is getting tougher, repurposing video content is a game-changer. 


By taking the time to repurpose your video content, you can leverage your hard work and creativity to reach more people in more places and with more impact. So don’t let your video content go to waste – repurpose it and see the difference for yourself!


I would love to hear your thoughts on repurposing video content! Let me know in the comments below!

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