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Embracing the Adventurous Homebody Lifestyle

Adventurous Homebody Lifestyle

In a world that often separates adventure seekers from homebodies, I proudly declare myself an “Adventurous Homebody.” The term may sound paradoxical, but to me, it embodies the perfect balance between the thrill of exploration and the comfort of home.

adventurous homebody

My name is Jacey, and I’m excited to welcome you to the Adventurous Homebody corner of the internet! As much as I love camping, road trips, and backpacking, I love cozy weekends at home just as much.

Adventurous Homebody

Adventurous Homebody

Finding The Balance Between Adventures and Time Spent At Home

For years, I struggled with not feeling “outdoorsy or adventurous enough.” I would scroll through social media and compare my life to those that seem to live a life full of non-stop adventure. 


As someone navigating the routine of a 9-5 job and living in a “normal” house, my monthly trips seemed to pale in comparison. The fear of missing out would occasionally send me into anxiety-fueled spirals, convincing me that my life lacked the thrill of adventure—that I, in turn, lacked true adventurous spirit.


Desperate for a mindset shift, I decided to embrace the term “adventurous homebody.”

What is adventurous homebody

Labeling myself as an adventurous homebody became pivotal in accepting the balance necessary for my happiness, health, and well-being.


Because let’s face it, going on constant adventures isn’t feasible for my schedule, mental health, or wallet. Whenever I am on an extended road trip, I can’t wait to get home. 


I identify as an introvert and find so much comfort and safety at home. I love having a schedule, my comfy bed, my houseplants, and my housecat, Kelso. 

Redefining “Outdoorsy”

hiking outfits for women

Along the same lines, I also internally redefined what counts as ‘adventurous’ or ‘outdoorsy’. The narrative that I was seeing on social media implied that you aren’t “outdoorsy enough” if you aren’t living in a van, climbing 14ers, or visiting every National Park. 


I found that attitude to be elitist and exclusive. 


Being ‘adventurous’ or ‘outdoorsy’ is not limited to those with a specific level of fitness, age, or outdoor gear. In fact, you can work a “normal” job and still embrace an adventurous lifestyle. The key is redefining what it means to be outdoorsy.


For me, being outdoorsy is as simple as getting outside. 

Adventurous Homebody Lifestyle

I make a point to get outside every day – even if that meant a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood or happy hour on my back patio. Doing these things helped lessen my comparison issues and allowed me to connect with nature in a way that works with MY lifestyle.


Expanding our definition of what ‘counts’ as adventurous or outdoorsy makes the outdoors more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Doing so enriches our lives and contributes to a broader community that advocates for outdoor policies, recognizing that people connected to nature are more inclined to protect it.

How To Be An Adventurous Homebody

how to be an adventurous homebody

The key to being an adventurous homebody is to find a balance that resonates with you! 


Whether it’s camping, hiking, biking or kayaking, or simply enjoying a cozy weekend at home with your pets and a book, the adventurous homebody lifestyle is all about seeking adventures in everyday life.

The Adventurous Homebody Club

If you resonate with the concept of being an adventurous homebody, you’ll love my weekly newsletter, “The Adventurous Homebody Club.” Every Tuesday, I send out ten thought-provoking musings and offer a glimpse into a world of adventure from the comfort of your home.


It’s an open and welcoming community that celebrates the beauty of finding joy in both the extraordinary and the ordinary moments.

Hear From Members of the Adventurous Homebody Club

So, here’s to the Adventurous Homebody lifestyle—a balanced and fulfilling way to live. Here, we embrace the balance, savor the adventures, and revel in the joy of being both an explorer and a homebody. 


Cheers to finding joy in every corner of our lives, both indoors and outdoors!

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Meet the author

Jacey West

My mission is simple: Inspire you to get outside. I like camping, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, and exploring National Parks. I’m passionate about sharing all the details of my adventure so you can plan some of your own!

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